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Rachel Kokko

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Gallery Stuff…

So I’ve been showing at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles for the last year. Probably my two favorite shows were the Cheshire Cat show and I Am 8-Bit. Both were awesome. Here are some pics and the piece I sold from the Cheshire Cat show.

Cheshire Cat Show

Cheshire Cat Show

And as far as I Am 8-Bit goes… wow. The line was INSANE! I’ve never seen a line that long for a gallery opening. (Stole this pic from Jensen)

I Am 8-Bit line

This was the piece I did.

Rachel J Wong Pacman painting

The guy who bought this commissioned me to do another piece relating to video games.

Rachel J Wong Video Games

Anyways. I’m going on a cruise to Alaska on Monday. For some reason I have the need to post a lot. I guess it’s just because I have a lot to say. I also hate that I have sooooooo many ideas of projects and concepts I want to explore, but not nearly enough time in the day to accomplish it all, nor enough energy for such a feat. Anyways, must finish watching my marathon of Chappelle Show.